transmission rebuild



The manual transmission of your air-cooled Porsche will be professionally reconditioned by our experienced specialists. Our service package includes models 911, 912, 914, 930, 964 and 993.


Gearboxes for the models 356, 996 Turbo and 996 GT3 or GT2 will be overhauled on request. 


On request, we optimise your transmission with special gear ratio and limited slip differential for better street performance or racing applications.

services in detail

  • Complete disassembling of gearbox

  • Cleaning of all transmission parts

  • Check of bearing housings, bores and their functional elements on the housing parts

  • Function check of the differential, i.e. check of differential clearance, check of drive assembly (ring gear & pinion shaft), differential pinions and differential housing for proper function and condition

  • Inspection of four-point and roller bearings plus thrust washers and needle cages on the transmission shafts and replacement if necessary (thrust washers and needle cages included, four-point and roller bearings at extra charge)

  • Check of synchronisation (synchroniser rings, synchroniser bodies and shift sleeves), revision or replacement if necessary (synchroniser rings and needle cages included, synchroniser bodies and shift sleeves at extra charge)

  •  Assignment and assembly of all components

  • Replacement of housing gaskets and radial seal rings of the shafts

  • Check of gear shift rods, shift forks and inner shift lever for the position of tensioning sleeves or roll pins, readjustment if necessary

  • Installation and adjustment of the measured or replaced transmission parts

  • Function check of reconditioned gearbox

  • Filling with transmission oil and check for leakage


For the mentioned services we charge the following prices, depending on the vehicle type (incl. required spare parts and incl. VAT): 

  • 1990,- EUR

    911, 912, 914, 964

  • 2390,- EUR
    911 Turbo 930 + 965, MJ 1975-94
  • 2490,- EUR
    993 + 993 Turbo, MJ 1994-98

The gearbox has to be rebuildable. If required, the exchange of worn gear pairs or a worn ring and pinion set is carried out upon prior agreement at extra charge.

Further additional work required (e.g. replacement and re-measurement of the differential) or requested modifications (e.g. limited slip differential or modified gear ratio) are carried out upon prior agreement at extra charge.


The price for removal and reinstallation of the drive train is:

  • 590,- EUR*

    for F- and G-model (except Turbo)

  • 690,- EUR*

    for 964 C2 and Turbo 3.0/3.3

  • 790,- EUR*

    for 964 C4 + 964 Turbo and 993 C2

  • 890,- EUR*

    for 993 C4

  • 990,- EUR*

    for 993 Turbo



* Price including 19% VAT