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Your engine will be completely rebuilt by our qualified specialists according to factory specification. Expert dismantling, basic cleaning, visual examination and measurement of all components is followed by professional reassembly with new wear parts in OEM quality. 


Engines of the model series 356, 912 and 914 will be overhauled on request. 


Optionally, we offer individually customised packages for performance upgrade and optimisation of your power unit.


On request, we also overhaul and optimise engine components and peripherals such as cylinder heads, camshafts, pistons and cylinders, carburettors or injection pumps.


services in detail

  • Disassembly of engine components and accessories

  • Complete disassembly of stripped engine

  • Cleaning of engine block and components

  • Measuring and inspection of pistons and cylinders, correlation of height

  • Measuring of crankshaft

  • Measuring and inspection of conrods, weight classification

  • Inspection of engine case

  • Reconditioning of crankcase stud threads on a CNC system and mounting of new head studs with thread inserts (911 2,7 only)
  • Inspection of oil pump

  • Inspection of auxiliary shaft, measuring of bearing positions

  • Reconditioning of camshaft housings

  • Inspection of camshafts, measuring of bearing positions, grinding if required (extra charge)

  • Inspection of rockers + axles, replacement if required (extra charge)

  • Inspection of cylinder heads. Facing of sealing surface if necessary

  • Inspection of chain cases, reconditioning if required

  • Inspection of chain tensioners, replacement if required (extra charge)

  • Replacement of valve guides

  • Milling of valve seats

  • Reconditioning of inlet and outlet valves

  • Reseating of valves

  • Adjustment of valve spring preload

  • Replacement of valve-guide seals

  • Face grinding of valve covers

  • Replacement of conrod bearings

  • Replacement of main bearings

  • Replacement of auxiliary shaft bearings

  • Replacement of timing-chains

  • Replacement of piston ring package

  • Replacement of chain guide pieces

  • Reassembling of short block with new gasket kit and radial shaft seals

  • Adjustment of valve timing

  • Inspection of all auxiliary units as injection system / carburettors, alternator etc.

  • Electroplating of metal mounting parts

  • Assembling of engine components and auxiliary units

  • Replacement of heating tubes


For the mentioned services we charge the following prices, depending on the engine type (incl. required spare parts and incl. VAT):

  • 7.990,- EUR*
    2,0 - 2,4 l
  • 7.990,- EUR*
    3.0 + 3.2 l
  • 8.490,- EUR*
    3,6 l
  • 8.990,- EUR*

    2.7 l, incl. machining of crankcase and new head studs with thread inserts

  • 9.690,- EUR*

    3,0-3,3 l Turbo, plus reconditioning of turbocharger if required

  • 9.990,- EUR*

    3,6 l Turbo, plus reconditioning of turbocharger if required

Additionally required work (e.g. grinding of crankshaft to undersize) or desired modifications (e.g. performance upgrade) are carried out upon prior agreement at extra charge.

The price for removal and reinstallation of the drive train incl. fine adjustment is: 


  • 590,- EUR*

    for F- and G-model (except Turbo)

  • 690,- EUR*

    for 964 C2 and Turbo 3.0/3.3

  • 790,- EUR*

    for 964 C4 + 964 Turbo and 993 C2

  • 890,- EUR*

    for 993 C4

  • 990,- EUR*

    for 993 Turbo



* Price incl. 19% VAT

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