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As a renowned independent PORSCHE specialist workshop, we have decades of experience in the qualified overhaul of all PORSCHE engine types.


Based on this we can offer you an optimised reconditioning procedure for the water-cooled aspirated engines of the 911 and Boxster/Cayman series, as well as Cayenne V8 petrol engines and the transaxle models 944 + 928.


The well-known wear problems of these engine series in the cylinder wall area are remedied long term by shrink fitting of cylinder liners made of spheroidal graphite cast iron (GGG) into the engine block. This iron-carbon-silicon alloy, which is produced using the centrifugal casting process and has properties similar to steel, is characterized by high mechanical and thermal resilience. Consequently, this alloy is also perfectly suited for high performance engines.


In combination with a MOS2 coating on the piston skirts tailored to the special cast iron alloy, wear of the cylinder walls is significantly reduced and the service life of the engine is significantly extended.


By using this process, damaged 3.8l engine blocks of the model 997 S, which often show cracks on the cylinder wall, can also be reused in most cases. Pistons with slight wear marks can also be reused thanks to the MOS2 anti-friction coating. This means, your vehicle remains matching numbers and you benefit from a significant reduction in costs.


During the final honing of each cylinder, the final dimension is adjusted exactly to the diameter of the associated piston, so that a perfect and equal running clearance is achieved. Additionally, running performance, wear behavior and oil consumption of your engine are positively influenced by this.


By using innovative technology and most modern tools as well as optimised processes and extensive quality controls, we guarantee a high reliability of your power unit.


With our optimised reconditioning procedure you also benefit from our extensive experience in the automotive industry in the sector of engine testing with state-of-the-art test benches, engine development and wear research.

Services in detail

  • Engine disassembly

  • Damage assessment

  • Basic cleaning of all components

  • Measurement of all short block components

  • Drilling out of all cylinders, shrink-fitting of liners made of spheroidal cast iron (GGG) and honing to standard measures

  • MOS2 slide coating of piston skirts

  • Measurement of crankshaft, check for concentricity, polishing of bearing positions and lapping if necessary (grinding to undersize with special bearings possible)

  • Check of intermediate shaft and replacement of bearings

  • Check of camshafts for wear

  • Check of cylinder heads (valve guides, valve seat rings and distortion of sealing surfaces)

  • Check of valve train (hydraulic tappets, sprockets)

  • Inspection, cleaning, polishing and reseating of valves

  • Replacement of piston spray jets (997/2 direct injection)

  • Check of oil pump for wear

  • Reassembly of your engine with new Porsche parts (conrod bearings, main bearings, thrust washers, piston rings, piston pin circlips, valve stem seals, timing chains, guide rails, tensioner blades, oil pressure control valve, gaskets, spark plugs, oil filter, etc.)

  • Cleaning, functional test and mounting of auxiliary components

  • Oil pressure test and check for oil leakage

  • Photo documentation of damages and rebuild procedure on data carrier

  • 1 year warranty with unlimited mileage


For the mentioned services we charge: 


9.500 €*

The components of your old engine have to be repairable. 


Engine removal and reinstallation, filling with operating fluids and start-up are not included.

For this we optionally calculate a surcharge of 


  2.500 €* 





2.900 €* 

(997/2 direct injection).



* Price incl. 19% VAT

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